Every year people make plans for their vacation with great expectations and hopes, which sometimes unfortunately don't happen. Because tourism has become the industry in which advertising is often much prettier than reality, and the industry does not distinguish an individual from a group or family from the crowd.

          In Njivice , fortunately, there is no industry, and the individuals are still important. Njivice is just like a home where you always return. This is because Njivice is little family place, safe and romantic, typical Mediterranean, with a clear sea, beautiful and even healing beaches, and pleasant air currents - ideal for discreet walks, sports activities, fishing, diving. 

          There is a say that the secret of a dream holiday is hidden in Njivice. Every year a new young couples, some just married, some with newborn children, and those with teenagers, comes seeking for that secret. And they find it.



You are welcome to experience Art-Summer holiday in our Art Apartment.